Why you need a Social Media Promotion Strategy

Are you a coach ready to win in 2020? Perfect, I'm glad you're here. It's time to get a few things in order before you launch your business and promote on social media. In my experience, I've had clients who try to run before they can walk or crawl in business.

There is a common misconception in new business owners that once you start posting on social media, the buyers are just going to come rushing in to buy your service or product.

If this is what you were thinking...I'm sorry to tell you that's not going to work. You will find yourself gaining a few followers and likes, every few days.

The reason I'm sharing this post is because I want new business owners to know why creating a social media promotion strategy is important to your marketing success.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start on your social media strategy before publishing your first post about your grand opening.

Your Social Media strategy should help you expand your other marketing efforts

This is very true. Social media should not be your one and only marketing effort. However, it is a great place to start. Including marketing elements like email list to complement your social media efforts will increase your probability of getting a sale and have often you're selling. Consider your buyers journey to determine what other marketing elements would complement your social media strategy.

Your Social Media strategy will help you build consistent brand awareness

Do you find yourself scrambling to create content on the fly to post about your new product or service? If so, that's a clear sign you need a strategy in place. Your strategy can serve as a template for your weekly content management tactics. For example, wanting to increase your following by 500 in 30-days. You would be able to divide this goal into daily milestones to get to that end result of gaining 500 followers in 30-days. You strategy should guide you to your results, if you have a strategy and not seeing results--see where you can make adjustments in your strategy to see a desired result.

Your Social Media strategy is the most powerful drivers for word of mouth

Remember the days when we relied on our friend to tell us what the newest trend, because her friend told her. Well that is still happening but at an extremely rapid rate thanks to social media. Social media has created the new enticing career of the influencer making entrepreneurship look even easier. Influencers are driving the car of marketing right now. They are sharing what products, services people should or should not invest in. Influencers themselves make up an $8 billion industry. So it's clear that business are finding influencer marketing beneficial for business. Now I'm not saying go out and use your entire marketing budget on hiring an influencer to promote your business, but you can invest your budget into providing value worth sharing to your growing audience.

What type of content is your audience sharing?

Your Social Media strategy will help you attract buyers

The goal is to meet your bottom line. If you're using social media as a marketing strategy then your goal is to sell and make profit. Creating and implementing a social media strategy for your business marketing efforts will be the blueprint for attracting buyers. The average American has his/her phone in hand, right now. They are constantly being fed with information about everything. Why not be in the mix of shared information?

Want to develop a winning strategy? Schedule a call with us to iron out your social media marketing challenges.

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